Help! Featured slider not showing when not logged in as admin

Help please!!

I literally made no changes to my site yesterday, but my firefox crashed some point last night when I was still logged in to wordpress, possibly…

Basically, the featured slider loads up fine when I am logged in as admin, but when not logged in as admin, it doesn’t show.

I checked the source code and the div for the slider is there but it is empty… works fine logged in as admin though…

Help please, I really didn’t plan on spending my afternoon, trying to figure out what has gone wrong… :frowning:

site URL


Phew… panic over… I disabled the featured slider, then re-enabled it, and it all seems to be back to normal :slight_smile:

Not sure what caused the problem though… but it’s working so who cares!! :slight_smile:

This problem has started again.

The featured slider only appears when I am logged in as admin.

Help please! Obviously this is going to be a recurring issue.

The only thing I can think that could be causing the problem is the meta sliders I added elsewhere on the site the other day.

That said, it has now started working again… I disabled/re-enabled, which didn’t seem to have any effect then I was busy with some other work and when I came back one our later it was working… what is causing it has me stumped… do you have any ideas?

the URL is

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