Help pls :( Akismet is behaving wrongly

I am trying to submit my Resume via the Contact Form on this page - Creative Article Writer For Colorlib With Some Photoshop Skills - Colorlib

But unfortunately, Akismet (security plugin) is detecting me as a Spammer and so blocking my Form to submit properly. I request Administrator to pls Unban me :disappointed_relieved:

Or is their any other way? To submit to apply for Creative Article Writer For Colorlib? I tried contacting Support team via Contact Us page but sadly No response…


Hey there

Sorry about that, what is the message you get after the form submission? i just tried it and I have no problem

I want to join Colorlib :disappointed_relieved: but looks like Akismet is blocking the path.

I’ll be pleased If you can help me :slightly_frowning_face: This thing never happened before with me, don’t know why Akismet thinking that I am a Spammer.

Can you please provide an Alternative way to submit my Resume?


Ok, I see, unfortunately, I cant touch on that side of the website to reconfigure Akismet, but you can try to use default contact from on the Contact page, it will work for sure


Thanks for ur message. Finally, I submitted it…

I guess Akismet is blocking everyone who is adding many links in his/her message. I just created an image of my message and linked in the message and now, everything is working perfectly. Have a good day :grinning:

I’ve also reported this wierd behaviour to Akismet Team.

Rishabh Chauhan

AH, congratulation, that’s good news :slight_smile: