Help request for including php in bootstrap

Thanks in advance for any help you might have to offer.

I am not well educated in code. I am teaching myself as I go. Online searches have helped me tweak the “Charilife” Bootstrap template from colorlab up to this point. But now I am stuck.

The html for any given page is broken up into

<section class=" ">
    <div class=" ">
<!-- various component descriptors here -->

In one of these sections, I want to insert a PHP calendar module. I have the module working perfectly as a freestanding PHP page. I would like the whole thing to go inside this section. I have tried every possible way I can come up with to make this work. But the render never shows the calendar.

I spent most of my time trying to get this to work in an iframe. I have the CSS to make the iframe dynamic so it will size to the screen viewing the page. But nothing I have found will make the PHP show.

The Charilife files are located in the main website folder on my server. The php calendar script is located in another folder within the website folder. The address of the page I want to call would be ‘./calendar/month.php’. I can call this up in a fresh browser window and it displays perfectly.

I am guessing that I just don’t know what I am doing in defining the section, the divs, and the iframe.

Again, any help in showing me how to code this “include” successfully would really be appreciated.

I may not have been clear enough there. I obviously don’t want the PHP to show in the web page. I want the calendar output to show.

And I would like it to fill the entire container it is in.

Thanks again.

Hey there

First of all, this is not the question about the particular template, this is about how to implement php code in the html template and your method will not work because php codes in HTML file will be ignored, you have to create new php file (or rename existing) and then insert your php codes inside this php files, please note you need the experience to work with such projects.

Thank you Noda.

Now I understand that my question was outside the scope of this Forum. As I said, I am not educated in coding. I learn quickly. But I am still at the early stages of this learning curve.

I did rename the entire page index.php. I thought that would have clued the server to process the php include within. I was wrong. As they say, a little knowledge can be dangerous. I came here thinking that my descriptors of the container were the problem.

I may go to that PHP generated calendar and try to make it’s header and footer to resemble the ones I created from your template, instead.

Thank you for your advice.

You are welcome and thank you for understanding

You can ask any question if its outside of our responsibilities I will give you direction :slight_smile: