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I have a site ( using the ildy theme that is TERRIBLY slow on both desktop and on mobile. I’ve done some customization but I dont’ think it should be so slow. I’m willing to hire someone to help me trouble shoot this. Is there a way to pay for additional support to help me? Do you know of any developers who are familiar with the theme and I could work with?

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Illdy theme itself is very small and fast, I believe there is something else slowing down this theme, first of all, try to use a caching plugin like W3 total cache, WP Super Cache or any other good caching plugin, basically here is the good article on how to speed up wordpress website:

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Thanks so much, I’ve tried that and all of the advice listed but it’s still very slow. I think some of my customizations may be slowing the site down. Is it possible to pay for additional support/custom work to speed it up? Are you available for some freelance work? Please let me know as I have tried everything I know how to do but it isn’t making much of an impact. I can be emailed on [email protected]

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If you would like to hire a developer, please try using this link that we recommend:

Here are a few plugins that can help you:

Here is a guide that can help you:

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Hi I made a simple caching plugin.
I hope it can help. You can download from here:
Wp Static Pages

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