Help with blurry photos and dimensions for uploading photos to post


I am using the activello theme and every time I upload a photo to a post, the published photos appear blurry.

These photos are high quality at 6000x4000 px and sharp - I resize them in Lightroom to have a short edge of 500px, at 100 quality in sRGB profile before exporting to JPEG. But still, when viewing on chrome on pc, or safari on iPhone, the photos are still looking blurry.

I am using the smush plugin to optimise the images but this has no affect, except on the download size of the photos.

Can anyone tell me what the exact photo dimensions in a post on the activello theme are?
Can someone help me with keeping my photos sharp after being posted?
Am I overdoing it with the smush plugin AND resizing the photos in Lightroom - would one over the other be better suited?

Many thanks!

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Please send the URL to your website so I can have a look at the issue.

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The website is:

Many thanks.