Hero image size not adapting to mobile or tablet browsers on the Nurture template

In the Nurture template, the Hero image stays the same size as it is for desktop when the website is viewed in a mobile device when it should be responsive to the device it is being viewed on.

The example is my customer’s website https://www.completecarewestyorkshire.co.uk

Please can you let me know how to correct this.

Kind Regards


Any ideas when I can expect a response? This is a paid for license and a live customer website.

I’ve also noticed that the menu bar is not working in mobile format. The menu bar opens in a white vertical bar but not on the mobile screen, the user then has to scroll right to see it which is not as it should be.

Hi there

Well, its an image element and HTML template, you can even hide this section for mobile and show something else, there are many solutions here, please consider, working knowledge of HTML template is necessary to make such changes

The menu bar is designed like that, we have the same view on our demo, but it can be also changed by html and css coding