Hero image size not adapting to mobile or tablet browsers on the Nurture template

In the Nurture template, the Hero image stays the same size as it is for desktop when the website is viewed in a mobile device when it should be responsive to the device it is being viewed on.

The example is my customer’s website https://www.completecarewestyorkshire.co.uk

Please can you let me know how to correct this.

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Any ideas when I can expect a response? This is a paid for license and a live customer website.

I’ve also noticed that the menu bar is not working in mobile format. The menu bar opens in a white vertical bar but not on the mobile screen, the user then has to scroll right to see it which is not as it should be.

Hi there

Well, its an image element and HTML template, you can even hide this section for mobile and show something else, there are many solutions here, please consider, working knowledge of HTML template is necessary to make such changes

The menu bar is designed like that, we have the same view on our demo, but it can be also changed by html and css coding



One of the basic criteria for us to pay for the license is that it has to be mobile responsive. As a matter of fact, your demo did advertise as working properly - ie. the image looked adapted to the screen, and the burger menu with the dropdown staying within the screen. Unfortunately it is NOT true. The dropdown menu failed to show up on the screen… In fact, it went off the screen to the side.

Your demo shows the menu bar expanded within the screen, NOT off away from screen…

We cannot expect user to be aware to scroll to the right to find it!

"… working knowledge of HTML template is necessary to make such changes… " this is unacceptable . Why?
it is simple - your demo showed different result from what it actually did. Should the buyer know or learn how to reconfigure it… Sure… BUT, your template MUST AT LEAST do what your demo advertised to show though, right?

Hope to see a fix to at least to work like what your demo showed… I don’t think it is a good practice to ignore the fact that the template delivered is not what the demo shows. The dropbox menu going off the screen; I tested your demo on my mobile before I purchased it, it showed the burger dropdown menu staying within screen,. But it does not !

Hi @emabrey

Can you provide a little bit more? we guarantee that all our products will behave like demo, if you ask for extra functionality this is other thing.
Let me see your website and reffrence to the problem


found the issue …

before fixing:
the burger dropdown does not show up within the window, but WAY to the right side… I mean people would have to scroll to the right … see this:

After apply the fix: see image:

the fix:
line 273 : it is the class=“bg-1”
I inject the display:none
this fixes the burger dropdown shows up within the window.

The key is in the bg_1 selector

.bg-1:before {
right: -100%; <— BAD

changed to :

@kevindownie I am not colorlib support. Just thought I would share the possible solution. Not sure what you have fixed it or not… see my solution to this above.

As far as for the image… honestly, I would just make it :
@media screen and (max-width:767.98px) {
.bg-img { background-size: contain!important; }

Suggestion to colorlib… please do make sure your template should have been tested on a straight html on a real mobile screen without embedded it thru any simulation. I tested it straight as a html (straight from your download) on a browser on a mobile phone, the issue showed up… But, when I ran your demo the issue does not show.

Hi there

First of all thanks for sharing your solution, we really appreciate it.
I could definitely help with that, as I said we guarantee that all our templates are exact the same as our demos and if it’s not we will help you to resolve the problem.
Templates are tested on mobile phones but, you know, no one is guaranteed from the bugs.

Kind regards and have a great week

Thank you for the response.
"… all our templates are exact the same as our demos and if it’s not we will help you to resolve the problem… " Unfortunately, that one does have a bug; as I have shown you a snapshot I took from my Android.

I also understand that would be bug sometimes, of course. So, it was followed by customer’s request for support online. But, one of your previous support’s reply back in July of 2021 is simply not a good practice - the reply he/she posted not only did not help, but simply telling customer to learn to fix it themselves… Although not exact words, but it may as well be saying " you just need to learn some basic html elements and fix it yourself… " I put a big dent in trust - my humble opinion.

Hi there

Thanks for understanding, we agree with you we will definitely take your words into consideration :slight_smile: