"Hidden" slider


I don’t understand, I want to display the slider on the home page, which picked to a post category (with images of course). It appears but just some pixels of his bottom ! It seems to be too high on the page, we just see the bottom.
Can you help me ?
Thanks !
Emma (and sorry for my english, I’m French :slight_smile:

Could you please post your website URL? Otherwise, it is hard to visualize what is going on with your website.

There is the url :

The slider is desactived because it doesn’t work… Tell me when you want to see it and I’ll active it.

Images for slider is not scaled, cropped, resized or anything else, they are displayed the same size you upload them. For instance if your image is 1200x1200px you can expect a huge square image that covers the entire screen area.

For the best results it is recommended to use something around 1920px x 600px images. Otherwise you are not going to get the same results as I have in theme demo.

Ow… But the image are picked from some category(es) and there are not specially in 1920x600px. It is not possible to chose a folder of pictures instead of a post category ?

If my pictures are in 1920x600 the slider will completely appear ? It’s weird…

Unfortunately, slider works only with selected category.

Any image you select as featured image for posts in that category will appear on slider but you will see that there will be blank spaces if image size will be too small. In some cases it could be ok but in most wouldn’t.

Even the tiniest pictures will work but you will see that it is not what you are looking for. This is only recommended size and you can use any image size but for the best results (see theme demo) you might want to use 1920×600 images.

Ok, so I is not practice for me…
I’m looking for add a plugin. I want to a slider in the header. Can you tell me how I can center it ? It seems that the elements of the header are aligned left by default. I am a little lost in the css and you are here so can you help me…?