Hide "Category:" from blog title


The previous fixes/codes no longer hides the “Category:” from the blog title header:

span.shapely-category {
display: none !important;

.post-content .shapely-category {
display: none !important;

Example 1
Example 2

Is there something else that may hide it?

Thank you.

Hey there

Try this code instead:

.header-image-bg .page-title {
    visibility: hidden;
.header-image-bg .page-title span {
    visibility: visible;
    position: absolute;
    left: 0px;

Is there a way to make sure it’s always centered?

Hi there

Sorry, but it has an absolute position, so, in this case, no its not an easy

Okay, I’ve also noticed the dropdown arrows are showing up at squares on the desktop version of the website. Is there a fix for that as well?

Hi there

this code will help in this css:

.shapely-dropdown {
    display: block;
.dropdown:after {