Hide full post text in Blog Index

Hi there, I need to help with my websites. How can I set up READ MORE button for blog Index site? My problem is, you can see full post text on blog index site. It’s really bad for our visitors. I’m attached screenshoots.

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi Michael

You have to utilize read more tag or excerpts in your blog post, this question was asked many times in the forum :slight_smile:


Hi Noda, thank you very much. Trust me I did try to find the right answer for that. I have spent very long time by that. Could you please send me link for this topic then? Thank you very much for your time and I really sorry about that.

Hi again Noda, I don’t know if it’s simple solution, but I added READ MORE sections in articles. Is there any way how to do that automatically? But the READ MORE button seems to be deformed on computers. On mobile device it is okey. I’m sending screenshoots.

Hi there

No, there is no automatic method to add read more tags in the posts, this is Wordpress default feature,
As for desktop view, I can help you but I need to see the live site, mark this problem and once you publish your site update this ticket and I will help you