Hide menu items

Is there any way to show specific itens of a menu only to logged in users? As in the image, I would like to only show the menu item circled in red to logged users only.

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Definitely not from the theme options, you need to use third-party plugins like this one:


I downloaded and instal the User-menus - Nav Menu Visibility, but it only works if I disable the “Shapely Companion” plugin. but if I disable that plug in, the full functionality of the shapely theme is compromised as you need that plugin to “add necessary WordPress widgets and allow to import demo content which will help you to with website setup”. Can anyone help, please.

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Sorry about that, I saw this plugin in one of our user’s website and that’s why I suggested, it, however, you may use any other plugin that has similar functionality, this is not only one plugin

ok, I got a workaround.
I disable the shapely companion plugin.

The option to hide/display menu items appeared.

I set which menu item will display or hide, depending on whether you are logged in or not.

I re-enable the shapely companion plug in.

The option to hide/ display do not show anymore in menu section.
But the rules I set before re-enabling the shapely companion plugin are still working after it is enable.

In short, if you want to change the display/hide settings for your menu items, you just have to disable the shapely companion plugin and then re-enable it after you have made the changes.

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thank you for sharing your solution, if it’s acceptable for you then it’s ok :slight_smile: