Hide promotion bar - Fashe theme for Shopify


I am using Fashe theme for shopify and the promotion bar that sits atop the site will not hide when unticked in the admin.

The text that can be written on it is removed when de-selected but the actual bar remains, when it should also be removed.

I have attached two screen shots, one showing the bar selected and one with the bar de-selected, showing the black bar remaining.

I would like to know why it remains when not required. I have used many Shopify themes without issue, when using the top bar or not. Could you inform me as to how I can fix this issue, please?

Hi there

Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:

please provide url and i will take a look

URL is https://aqk-online.myshopify.com/ but it is password protected as it’s not live yet.

How do i private message you the password?


You can use " Set as private reply" checkbox for private replies

Password is: whewre



I have this problem: Screenshot by Lightshot password is not working, please check

Password works for me.

Are you putting the password in the right place? The screen shot you shared shows the email box for being notified as to when the site launches, if you put the password I supplied in there, it will not work.

You need to click “Enter using password” shown in the top right corner of the screen - see attached.

Then use the password I supplied to you.


Man, im so dummies, I was using a password in the mail form,
Try this code to remove topbar:

.topbar {
    display: none;

Hi Noda,

NP, it happens!

That doesn’t work, you end up with the nav going up to the top and a white space underneath before the header image (screenshot attached). So more CSS amends will be needed.

Also, this isn’t what I am looking for, I want the client to be able to use the promotion bar in the Shopify header settings (screenshot attached), as per my initial request and switch it on and off as and when it is to be used, without the need to make many changes to the CSS each time just to show and hide it.


Hi Noda,

Do you have an update for me?


Hi Noda,

Any news?


Hi Monlet

Sorry for the delay, yes I see the problem, im afraid this is a problem in functionality, and without and update of the theme I cant provide any hotfix for this, please take my apologies but you have to wait for the fix in the theme update

Thank you for understanidng

Ok, thanks for the update Noda.

Any ideas as too when the update might be released?