Hide URL of language selector in Menu

We are using Polylang as language selctor, which can display a flag in the selection point of menu.
When mouse over of menu point the quick help shows the content of that menu point. No problem with normal menu points, but with the flag the quick help show ‘<img src=data/image png/base64 …’ and many letters.
So the quick help is not needed in the menu, ca we hide that?
our website: www.pellasietas.com

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Please get in touch with the plugin author because these data are coming from the plugin.
If I’m not wrong there was a similar topic in this support with the solution

Here is the FAQ entry for the problem from Polylang. And that is why I contacted you.

The title attribute displays the html code of the flag
 January 3, 2016
Polylang intentionally keeps the title attribute empty for the language switcher. As this field is empty some themes copy the navigation label in this attribute. It’s a bad practice as it doesn’t add any useful information and the title can contains only text whereas the navigation label can include images.
Of course, the default WordPress Twenty themes haven’t such issue. Please ask to your theme support how to solve this. A quick fix is to remove the flags in the language switcher options.

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Check this ticket:

Hello, Thanks for that.
So where must I add the command:
jQuery(document).ready(function( $ ){
$(“.menu-item-1103 a”).removeAttr(“title”);

It’s up to you, you can implement it directly in theme files or you can use third-party plugins, take a look at this: