Hiding featured image but keep slider - code not working

Hi there. I see you have answered this question by giving us the following code to add to the custom CSS under theme options:

.single-featured {
display: none;

However, this does not work for me. My website is www.thenonmodel.com. I dont want to have the featured image above each post, but I want the image slider. Why does this code not work for me? I know I am adding it in the right spot… am I missing something? Thanks!

I figured it out… I used

  display: none !important;

I’m obviously a novice at this, and I’m not sure what’s overwriting my original CSS, but it works now! For anyone else who may be suffering… :slight_smile:

Hi @thenonmodel,

Awesome, great to see you got that figured out and thanks for sharing the solution in the forum.

I hope it will help others facing the similar issue.

Have a great day!

Vinod Dalvi