Highlight nav links when scrolling a static page

I have a static page on my website with different parallax sections. Each section has a custom link in the navigation bar. I would like to highlight the section in the navigation when scrolling the page, such as with a coloured bar underneath, and/or when clicking on a section on the navigation bar. I have tried to adapt the CSS found here but without any success unfortunately.

For the sake of clarity, it’s not necessary that the section in the page is highlighted when it is selected on the nav bar (like in the linked example) but only that the indicator in the navigation bar is moving when scrolling the page.

Thank you in advance for your support

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To be clear, you want to have the menu items have a highlight effect only when the page is scrolled?

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Hello, thanks for the prompt reply.

I’d like to have the highlight effect always on for all the sections and not only when the page is scrolled. Precisely, when the website is first opened the bar should be under “Profile” in the menu and it would follow the page scrolling until the bottom (“Contact”). If the mouse is over another item in the navigation bar, the highlight effect would not be present until the item is clicked but only the hover effect. Not sure this is clear but basically the same behaviour for the menu in the example above.


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Great feature!
Im so sorry to say but currently this is not possible in our theme, customization is definitely required to achieve this behavior :frowning: