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Hi there,

first of all let me apologize for my english, hope to describe my problem well and hope that you offer support even for the free template!

I am using your free INDUSTRIAL template ( Industrial - Free Steel Company Website Template Design 2021 - Colorlib ) and I have a problem. The images in the home are not responsive. My site is not yet online because I am finishing it, using only html and css, not wordpress. By checking the original template, he also doesn’t have the images responsive in the home, so if you can/want to help me, you can check directly in the original file.

I would like to add that your templates are very beautiful and functional and, apart from this problem, I have not had any others, so thank you for your work.

Looking forward to your reply, I thank you in advance and wish you a good day.

Hi there
Hope you are having a good day and thank you for your question :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, our HTML templates are provided as they are and we are not able to assist with the customization.
You would have to modify the CSS files to allow the responsive effect on mobile.
Colorlib Support Team

Try styling your image to 100% of the screen like this (without the spaces):
< d i v >
< i m g s r c = " blablabla.jpg " s t y l e = " height : 100 % : width : 100 % ; / >
< d i v >
Then, resize your browser window to see if it works

hello Ezqualo

Thank you for kind words :slight_smile:
I just checked our demo and want to say i can’t see the problems with the image, they behave normally from my side, did i miss something ? can you provide a screenshot of the problem?
regarding your code, you expect to make image will width only with that code it will not work, can’t say much about it without seeing a problem

Hi ezqualo,

unfortunately your code doesn’t change the width of the photo. Now I upload screenshots from the original site to show you that the photo of the home does not resize when it switches to mobile viewing. Thank you all for your interest and I wish you a good weekend. Again sorry for my english. bye Bye

Here is the screen shot with the mobile view

Hi, between height and width I put a “:” instead of a “;”, if you used copy/paste maybe that’s the problem.

Los atributos se separan con punto y coma (;), y entre “height” y “width” por error puse dos puntos (:), si copiaste y pegaste puede ser esa la razón de que no funcione.

Hi ezqualo, now i try the modified code!

I Know that my nickname is spanish but i’m italian, sorry for the misinformation!!

thank you so much for your time!

Hello everyone,
I would like to update you on the speech of the responsive image.
In the end I edited all the home code and edited it completely. It seems to me that the problem of the native site
( Industrial - Free Steel Company Website Template Design 2021 - Colorlib ) is in the part of the code named “slider Item”, if you want to go and check and modify to make the image responsive, because every change that I tried to make it ruin everything, the carousel and the text. There is also to say that I am not very expert in html / Css.
I thank you all for your interest and time.
Again, I wish you a good evening and a good week-end. I would also like to add that your templates are very very beautiful.
Thanks again.