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Hi, the home page image slider appears to have stopped working or it’s disappeared. I’ve checked everything and the images are still there, but the function has just stopped working and they’re no longer coming up. Any ideas? The URL is - https://tulitrust.org

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I just checked your website and slider is working normally, it slides and i can’t see any problems with it

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That’s really weird because me and the website’s owner can’t see the pictures at all. See screenshot attached. The menu items are there, but the rest is just white space??

It’s worth noting that I use Safari and the website’s owner is using Explorer. However, I’ve just checked using Google Chrome and it works. I checked using Google on my iPhone and it works. Is there a reason it works on some, but not others?


This can be an issue when the browser is outdated, so I would recommend running an update and checking again.

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My computer needs no updates, so I guess you have no further explanation? It seems very odd that it effects random computers/browers, but not others. Google on my iMac won’t work, but Google on my iPhone will. It’s really is bizarre… and awkward because I have to go back to the client with no solution. At present she can’t view the website properly on any of her devices.

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You can view your website here:

as you can see there is nowthing wrong with it :slight_smile: