Home page not reading custom CSS

I use Child Theme Configurator to manage my child theme and the rest of the site is looking good, but (since I did the Theme Update?) the static Home Page is not reading the custom CSS. All the other pages are.

Help, please. Thank you!

Hi Becky

Where do you have your custom CSS stored? please share some more details including url of the website and screenshots

Thanks for your prompt response. Once I looked at the theme (even though it was already Active) in the Theme section, it started reading the CSS on the front page properly. Go figure.

But for future reference, where is the Sparkling theme pulling the CSS from on a static Home page? Like I said, all the other pages were reading it correctly (…\wp-content\themes\sparkling-child\style.css).

Frankly, I wasn’t sure if it was a theme issue or a Child Theme Configurator issue.


So… is your problem finally resolved? :slight_smile:

Yes, this is the default path for the child theme CSS style: hemes\sparkling-child\style.css


Yes, problem is resolved, thank you.

Nice to hear that :slight_smile: