Homepage background parallax images no longer showing

Hi, Were not sure what happened, the background images on the homepage are no longer showing. I can see them in the widgets but they no longer show in preview or the live site.

Can you take a look and let me know what has happened?

Let me know if you would like me to send you login access.

Thanks! Molly

Hi, I have encountered the same issue and can nolonger see the background graphic. I have tried reinstalling but that didn’t resolve it. Keen to know the fix. Thanks.

Hey there

Please install this plugin and check again: Enable jQuery Migrate Helper – WordPress plugin | WordPress.org

Let me know results


Thanks for your email. I’ve installed the plugin but unfortunately that didn’t work. I’m still not seeing any of the background graphics for the theme and the background is blank. (https://longstoneadvisory.com).

I’m really keen to resolve this. In the shapely video it shows an option under ‘recommended actions’ to select “make my site look like the demo”. I’d don’t have any options under recommended actions. Is there another way to enable this?

A separate but possibly related issue is that when I visit my site on my phone I get a colorlib holding page saying ‘Something really good is coming very soon’ requesting a name and email. What is this page and how can I remove it?

Please help!

Many thanks,


The plugin did fix the issue. I still see error messages admin console but the site is now working correctly.

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

Thanks for your help.

I’m having the same issue. where the water backgrounds are no longer showing or they are missing for some reason. I did install the ‘enable-jquery-migrate-helper’ plugin as suggested here and it does show a warning for ‘shapely/assets/js/parallax.min.js: ‘ready’ event is deprecated’

What can I do?

Hi, I got the plugin but it didn’t fix my issue

Hey there

What issue you have? if it’s the same issue plugin will help definitely, probably you have something else?

Hi, so on the parallax when I upload an image it will assign, left, right, top, and bottom, but not full and small full. I Downloaded the plug-in but the image still won’t show on either.

that’s a different thing, please start a new case and provide url of your website, lets check it :slight_smile: