Homepage Charts don't show up if values aren't explicitly set. Defaults needed

Hi Pixova Lite Support,
I noticed that I couldn’t seem to get 2 of the charts to show up. I let it go for a while figuring it was just broken.
I recently investigated it again now that I have a bit of familiarity with php.
I found that if I ‘touch’ all of the settings for each chart, then all of the charts will show.
I think previously I had manually set colors for two of them, and because I didn’t decide to change the color away from default ultimately, I left the other two alone. This made it such that the two that I hadn’t touched didn’t show at all.
I think a lot of folks may expect similarly, and just adjust the percentage and title expect the chart to show, but it doesn’t.
I think it has to do with lines 12-33 in sections/section-about.php where get-theme_mod calls the setting, which is likely returning a null value for ‘untouched’ color pickers in the sections causing each chart where this is the case not to display.

This could resolved by a series of if…ifelse statements where the variables are set in 12-33 to set default hex values in the absence of those fields being manually set. There could be any easier way that I’m not aware of as well.

Just wanted to let ya’ll know about this issue as it seems easy enough to fix.


Hi there

Once again, thank you for sharing your ideas and solution :slight_smile: