Homepage images not loading


My site www.corexfit.co.uk has a strange issue with images on the homepage. None of the parallax style images seem to be loading. Everything was ok a few weeks ago but they aren’t loading now. In that time I haven’t updated anything eg wordpress, plugings so unsure what could have changed. The website has been up and running for over six months with no issues.

When I login to the site and go to customise the homepage, it looks as though the images are there but they don’t display. I even tried changing one of them but no change. The rest of the site is loading and functioning ok. I didn’t want to update any plugins, theme etc since it was working fine!!




I decided I had to update anyway due to plugins, wp security etc. Updated theme, wp, and a few plugins and it is now loading although the header logo is a bit different than before.


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Nice work solving that issue.
Is there anything else that we can assist with?

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Hi there, I have the same issue. (shapely and companion plugin are both fully up to date, it was after updating I gained this problem)

Parallax images are not showing on the home page when set to Background Full or Background Small
Choosing Left, Right, Top or Bottom show correctly.

Strangely, if i use parralax on any other pages, it works correctly.

I created a new homepage setup the same as my original one, it viewed perfect, but when i set it as the ‘home’ page in wordpress reading settings, the parralax images stop working!