Homepage is placed in the full width of page. How to make Sadebar on the right?

Website is being developed http://hhealth.info
Homepage Shapely is placed in the full width of the page. How on the main page to make a sadebar on the right below the top main image?

Hello Alexandr

Let’s clarify, you have set your homepage to full width and you want to use the sidebar on that page? im correct? is this your question?

Hello Noda!
I imported the homepage from the demo content Shapely, I liked the effect of sliding relative to the main image. Tried to use Elementor, but then the effect of sliding disappears. What can you recommend?
Sincerely, Alexander

Good evening Alexander

You cant use our sections on the page with the page builder, you have to use only one, our sections or page builder, together they will not work :frowning:

Good evening Noda!
I have already disabled Elementor, but how can I change the design in your sections, add the sitebar to the right?


Sidebar cannot be added on the homepage if you have sections available :frowning: only sections are possible to use on the homepage

Thank you Noda for your answers!
But this is a lack of your designer, please ask the developers to make this possibility in the next versions.
Is it possible to make changes in the code?

Good evening Alex

Of course its possible to change this behavior but this will require major changes to the theme files, im not sure if we can do this right now :frowning:
thank you for an understanding buddy
Is there anything else i can do for you?

Good evening and night Noda!
I leave the design as it is, but I will hope for the best :slight_smile:
Sincerely, Alexander

You are welcome :slight_smile:
Case closed