Homepage Post Content Limit - Content length on the front page?


I the demo of this theme, in the post listing the content is limited…

Is this configured?

I got a post with a bit of text and a image and in the main page the post is being listed fully…

For Sparkling you have two options how you can use Excerpt (post summary)on blog page:

  1. Add them for each post manually by using read more tag <!–more–> like it is described here. That’s what we are using on our theme demo.

  2. Or replace <?php the_content(); ?> that you can find in content.php file with <?php the_excerpt(); ?> That way all your posts will be shortened by default. Default excerpt length is 55 words and using this function all post will have the same length on the blog page.

Ok thanks :wink:

Option 1 seems the best way. I was expecting a complicated solution. Thank you

Thank you so much for such a great theme.

I think Option 1 is the best way

Hi Aigars, by default excerpt words length is 55 but if i have to make excerpt words length to 20 words. How to do this please help. Thanx in advance :slight_smile:


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