Homepage Shapely in multiple languages with Polylang

I am very happy with Shapely and doing my second website with it too.
Now I am struggling with the translation of the homepage :
Main language is French
When I duplicate the page for the translation, naming it “Homepage in English” and when I translate it, I get only one version of the homepage in English, even if I switch to French, like if there were only one language possible at the same time fir the homepage.
Can you help ?
many thanks : www.thegood.consulting

Hi Julien,

Just saw your question, I am on the same topic, awaiting the reply of @colorlibsupport who has been very helpful already.
My threat is here, maybe it helps you.

Good luck,

Hi there

Sorry for the delay,
First of all, please try latest version of the theme, you can download it from the Github repo:

If this version still has the same issue please report it: Issues · ColorlibHQ/shapely · GitHub
and developer is already working to fix all the bugs, this problem will be fixed as well

Hi Sandor, thanks for your message… stil need some help!

Many thanks, will do!

Thank you too and have a nice day :slight_smile:

Hi @colorlibsupport and thanks for the ongoing help, much appreciated!
I have uploaded the shapely.zip file from githup which gave me a theme update in wordpress. After updating it still shows V1.1.14 (not 1.1.3 from githup file). Anything I did wrong?
@Julien did you have better luck?
Thanks guys!

Hi Sandor, no unfortunately, but it looks like the developers team is working on it…

Hi Sandor, theme version number is not changed but it contains fixes for many issues,

I see.
The missing ‘homepage’ in the widget-section is still not there, so making the actual translation of a frontpage impossible for now.
I hope this is added soon, much appreciated if you could notify via this topic once ready.
Thank you and the team,


Ok, so sorry about that :frowning: