Homepage widget missing

Hi all!

I have a Shapely webpage for almost a year, its great. I’ve built a static homepage with 5 widgets, that I created with Spapely companion. For a while (like one or two weeks) my homepage gone blank.

If i go to Customize->Widgets I can only see the Footer widgets, and not the Home page widget.

This must be caused by a plugin/etc upgrade but I can’t figure out what. I disabled everything, the same issue occurs. Do you have any guesses?

my webpage is https://937.cserkesz.hu

Hey there

Make sure Shapely companion plugin is activated :wink:

I have the same problem here across two site with Shapley installed. Backups are not restoring either. Theme support required now!

I have the latest companion version: 1.2.6
Any other idea? :slight_smile:

I cant say anything without checking the backend, please provide access details in my private message


Hi! I didn’t send the credentials, because suddenly, some update arrived and everything was fixed (except all my widgets were deleted, so i had to recreate everything).
So the problem is solved - but no idea what caused it.

Ok, that’s good to know :slight_smile: