How can I change the title font in HTML template


Thank you for your response to my reply, I have submitted this ticket to understand how to change the font for the titles in the template below.

At the moment the titles have a capital letter at the beginning of every word but I would like to change this to only having the first letter of the first word capitalized, how can I do this?

I would also like to link the blog articles to a real article on a blog, how can I do this?

Thank you in advance for your help!


Hi There,

Thanks for reaching out to us.

With HTML templates, there is no dashboard to modify the content/design and you will need to manually modify the files.

As for the title font, you will need to modify the CSS file to change the case to Small/Caps. using the text-transform as follows.

.single-blog .short_details a {
    text-transform: initial;

On the links, you will need to modify the anchor tags on the specific files.

Hope this helps.


Thank you for your quick response, I have done as recommended but have noticed the text changes capitalization (which is ideal) but it also now moves to the bottom of the picture instead of on top of the picture as it was before (on the ordinary template - - ). Is there a way to keep it where it is but only change the capitalization?

Thank you again for your help

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Hello Suhur

Please provide a link to your work, we need to generate custom CSS for you


I am currently changing in the folder I had downloaded then I can upload to hosting site. Would I have to link the domain first for code to be written or the link of the HTML template that opens up directly from folder would be enough?

Thank you and Kind regards


Hello Suhur

“Would I have to link the domain first for code to be written or the link of the HTML template that opens up directly from folder would be enough?” - can you please rephrase this question? what I want is to check your website online, without this i cant generate custom css


Sure, I have linked the domain to the template and written the link below. Is it possible to also change the colour of the pink line on particular pages?

Thank you and kind regards


Good morning Suhur

Yes, thank you :slight_smile:
OK, now I can’t find the place on the website from the screenshot, can you tell me?

regarding colors of the page, you have to find a theme and replace in the CSS files, this is the main theme color: #ff7a7f search and replace it in the template files

p.s. this is a HTML template, everything here is in HTML file or in CSS, you need to have at least beginner experience to work with such templates, also, you cant have comments, dynamic blog here

Good afternoon Noda,

The part where the text come off the pictures is on the first four pictures that immediately come up when page loads. It would be great to have the text stay on top of the pictures as they are but only have the first word capitalized.

I don’t have any HTML experience at all but can not afford a freelancer at the moment as this site will be for a business that has not yet launched and is self funded. If you give me any instructions I will do my best to understand and follow them though I understand these things are not so easy to learn / do.

With regards to the colour, how can I change the colour to blue/gree turquoise for the blog page? Is there a code for the specific colour?

Can I ask why the comments and dynamic blog should not be here? I had hoped to write reviews in the comments section until I can afford to have backend functionality that would allow users to leave their own questions/comments on site. I would ideally also like to link the pictures/tabs on the blog areas to instagram posts and blog pages I am also creating. Would this not be possible?

Thank you for all your help!

Kindest Regards


Hello Suhur

I understand you but I’m afraid without experience working with HTML templates you can’t work in such projects, even I can’t help you in such situations because most of your questions are regarding HTML & CSS and not about this particular template.
blog and comment sections - are not working by default in any HTML template, you have to build backend yourself,
There are free courses you can enroll to get a little bit experience:

Hi Noda,

Oh you’re very kind! Thank you, I will try and learn as much as I can! Can I just confirm it would not be possible to change the capitalization without the help of a html/css specialist or trying to learn it?

I would eventually like to have the back end developed for the blog and comments section but for the time being so not to lose it on template plan to use it as a review space to write reviews in. Would this be a problem to the functioning of the site?

Thank you and Kind regards


Good morning

Capitalization is set in this file, /scss/_blog.scss line 26:

.single-blog .short_details a {
color: #33353b;
font-weight: 600;
text-transform: capitalize;

you need to remove text-transform: capitalize;

You can implement backend later too, but it sill not be an easy job :slight_smile: