How can i edit the theme header width and main color theme?

hi, I just need to edit the theme header width to 50px and need to change the main color theme to green.

Can you pls help me on this?

Thanks in Advance!

There are several color pickers available for this theme and all are accessible via Appearance - Theme Options. To main color is marked under Main tab - Element color but you might want to change color for other elements as well. Just test these all available color pickers on Theme Options to see what works for you.

Are you sure that you want to change width for header to 50px? There is a logo and menu inside header area, so don’t see how you will push everything inside 50px. Posting your website URL would be very helpful.

thanks a lot for your reply.:slight_smile: actually i thought to make it just looks like my main website.

main website :
blog url:

my main website’s header width is 50 px. that is the reason for this edit. pls take look at my website and the blog. Suggest me your idea. i have made color changes as you said but header… :slight_smile:

Add this code to Theme Options - Other - Custom CSS

.navbar.navbar-default {
  height: 50px;

#logo img {
  height: 50px;
  width: auto;

This code will make sure that header height is 50px and not width is 50px :slight_smile:


it’s been a while. now everything is perfect but top menu size is bigger than the width. how can i make sure to keep it according to header width? pls help.

blog url:

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