How can I fix posts in place for Pinbin WordPress theme?

I’m making a site like this
And I have 2 questions.

post formats doesn’t line up correctly like demo site
seems java script for this section dosen’t work
How can I fix?

When without thamnail image and there’s no image in article,
how can I show substitute image?

  1. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with these things as it appears that your customizations have broken down theme functionality. I am here to help you with theme setup and functionality but can’t help you to find what you did wrong while coding.

Images that appears above post content are featured images. For more information on how to use featured images you can check official WordPress documentation which you can find here.

Thanks Aigars,
About 1,
I didn’t change anything for js or programing files.
Just wrote some on css file.
I deleted all of my custom css, but still had trouble.
I thought because of plugins, so I was nullify the effects of every plugins, but…
Do you think what is the problem?
If you give some advice,I’m gonna try to fix!

Hope hear from you soon