How can I tak e away/dont want the word navigation in the menu.


How can I take away/dont want the word “navigation” in the menu.

I cant find it inthe menu options etc etc.

Tahnks for help.

Best reghards
Anders Bnegtsson

I’m having the same problem. Love the theme otherwise. I don’t know sweedish but looks like someone figured it out. Any help would be great.


Me too, but now I found this problem and I can solved this bug.

just insert code this below on Editor Style.css and It’s up to you want to paste anywhere.

.default-menu {
display: none;

I’m from Thailand sry for my english languages not strong.

What you use plug-ins Buy item and How to use this plug-ins, you can give me a document for learn how to use?



Your english is great! Thanks for the fix! it works perfect!

the navigation tab still show up on mobile devices, but I can live with that.

Any ideas on how to remove it from the dropdown list?


It is expected behaviour for mobile devices. It was there since I released this theme. For more see here: