How Do I Change Sidebar Color and Sidebar Text Color in Magzinly Theme?

Hi Everyone,

I am new to wordpress and I own a website but i am unable to find how on earth i change the sidebar color and the text color of my website sidebar. The Theme name is MAGAZINLY.

I appreciate if someone please help me in this matter as it is bothering me very much for the last few days. Also thank you those who provided this support forum.


Here is CSS that you can add inside Appearance >> Edit CSS [If you don’t have this field you can activate it via Jetpack >> Settings >> Custom CSS ].

.span4 .wpb_wrapper { 
  background: #eee; /* Replace background color for sidebar */
  padding: 10px;
.span4 .wpb_wrapper .td_mod_wrap .entry-title a {
  color: #F00 !important; /* Replace text color for sidebar widgets */

This is just an example and you need to change color codes to ones that you want to use.

Brother I am so thankful to you and have nothing but respect for you after your being so helpful. But what happened here is that this code you provided me, after i pasted it to the edit css where you told me. It changed the color of the sidebar of homepage. But, It did not change the sidebar color of post and category pages.

And the problem is I do not want to change the color of my homepage because it is a static page. I made it myself without anysidebar.

Can you please help if you have some time. Even if you are busy and can not spare time. i will still be thankful to you. Thank you for your reply once again.


My bad. Here you can try to use code like this:

.single .td-page-wrap .span4.column_container,
.archive .td-page-wrap .span4.column_container { 
  background: #eee; /* Replace background color for sidebar */
  padding: 10px;
.single .td-page-wrap .span4.column_container .widget a,
.archive .td-page-wrap .span4.column_container .widget a {
  color: #F00 !important; /* Replace text color for URLs in sidebar widgets */

.single .td-page-wrap .td_mod_wrap .entry-title a,
.archive .td-page-wrap .td_mod_wrap .entry-title a {
  color: #F00 !important; /* Color for recent posts widget */

.single .td-page-wrap .block-title span,
.single .td-page-wrap .block-title a,
.archive .td-page-wrap .block-title span,
.archive .td-page-wrap .block-title a  {
  background: transparent;

This will change sidebar only on single post view and archive pages but not front page. Let me know if this is what you were looking for. This theme has a rather strange structure which is hard to target using CSS but I hope that this will do the trick.

Dear Brother,

I am so thankful to you. It just worked. I just need to decide now what color shall my sidebar and text should be and i am all done. A big big thank you to you.

I am not sure i should bother you more or not but is there anyway i could change the widget title text color?

All my widgets on homepage and post pages have very dull title text color so if i could change that. That would be the last thing i want. Please help me if u can and i would take your leave with the biggest thank you.


and one more thing, the way you displayed your categories Colorlib - Probably The Best WordPress Themes is pretty awesome. I wish i could display my categories like this.

Thank you for your feedback! I really appreciate it.

To change widget tile size and color you can add this code:

.block-title span {
  color: #f00 !important;
  font-size: 20px;

If you don’t want to change font size just remove that line and use only color code to change widget title color.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you so very much. This is all i can say in reply to all the help and favour you did. May God Bless you. People like you are the reason why internet is so awesome.

I can mark this thread as resolved now.

Best regards

I’m glad I could help.

Have a great day! :slight_smile:

Hi Aigars,

I want to show my search box in header area, just above on my menubar on right side.The Theme name is MAGAZINLY.