How do I change the displayed image form?

I used Shapely with woocommerce to make a webshop. when I click on the store I see all the products displayed in a rectangular image. This cuts both the left and the right side of the picture. I would like to have the product images shown as a square so the whole picture is shown.

How can I change the displayed image form?

I really hope someone knows, I’ve been stuck with this for quite a while.
Thank you very much for in advance!


What size you set in Woocommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Display -> Product Images? If that is set to a rectangular resolution change that, after changing the size make sure you run this plugin Regenerate Thumbnails – WordPress plugin |

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Sorry for the late reply, I had problems logging in, so I made a new account.
Unfortunately this did not change the displayed images.

the resolutions I had set (default) were:
Catalog images 350x453 (hard crop)
Single product image 570x708 (hard crop)
Product thumbnail 350x453 (not hard crop)

Wheter changing resolution to for example 400x400 and selecting or deselecting hard crop, the images didnt change.


Did you use that plugin to regenerate the thumbnails? And also, if you enable Photon module in the Jetpack, try to disable that too, and see that fixes anything. If not, can you pass us the WP Login details in a private reply, to see the issue?

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Ooh I thought activating the regenerate thumbnail plugin was enough. I see its in the tools sections.

After changing the Catalogue image size (hard crop) and using the regenerate thumbnail plugin, it is fixed.

Thank you very much:)

Hi @uchihamo2,

Glad you figure it out. :slight_smile:

Let us know if you have any other questions in a separate thread.