How do I make the Sparkling theme faster?

Hi, forum,

I’ve been trying nearly everything I can possibly imagine with the Sparkling theme. I used it for an old domain, was decently pleased with its capabilities. Now, I wish to use it for another site, however, I am worried that it is not fast enough for my needs.

My current website is this:, there is nothing on it currently because I am trying to get it to work properly.

My former website is this: it’s dropped because I wanted an international website, rather than a .dk domain.

The old domain had a long load time of 4-5 seconds, this made the bounce rate insane. Therefore, what can be done in order to decrease the load time of the theme?

I did image optimization, tried to reduce the CSS/Javascript etc. However, nothing seemed to work?

Let me know if you have any ideas for me.

hi there

I cant say anything because your website is under construction mode:

We’re undergoing major changes

about page speed grade, this is not about theme this ia about how you use it you can make very fast websites and you can make very slow website from the theme, please compare your website to our demo and you will see the effect
You have to consider best practices on how to speed up website, try to use caching plugins,

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