How do I remove the buttons from the header?

Hi - What a fantastic theme. I am delighted with it - just would like to change one thing - How do I remove the two buttons from the header?
Many thanks

OK - I’ve sorted it.

care to tell us how please?

Hi @goldie,

right now, it’s not possible to remove the buttons from the header.

Colorlib Support.

Aaaah, yes it is.

I tried this and it seems to work

#header .bottom-header span.span-dot { color: transparent; }

Hi @goldie,

although the above solution is viable, you should think about implementing this inside a child theme.

Colorlib Support.

ive tried this several times and it does not work. where are you inputing this goldie?

it goes in the css
and I am also using “Childify Me” so these changes are no t lost after an update

Hi - I just removed all text from the button title box and the button url box

which template do we have to add it to ?

Hello @himanshu,

This is an issue on our behalf and we’ll include the fix in the next theme update so the button dissapear if there’s no information for it.

For now, try this CSS code:

display: none;

This code could be placed in any stylesheet.css, preferably in a child’s theme style.css.
Alternatively, a custom CSS plugin can handle the code, or you could place it directly in Dashboard > Appearances > Editor > Style.css while keeping in mind that this will get erased if you replace/update the theme files.