How do I uninstall Shapely?

I’,m just having too much trouble with Shapely. It doesn’t meet my needs. I would prefer to make a theme of my own. How do I uninstall the theme so I can start again?

Hi there

Shapely is one of the easiest themes :slight_smile:
This is WordPress related question and there are thousands of answers in the net, here i found one them for you:

Yeah, unfortunately I’m also finding Shapely to be super buggy. I’m probably going to delete it as well. I mean, I’m a web designer…trying to make a website for my web design business and this theme has just given me countless headaches since I’ve tried to work with it.


Could you please be more specific about the bugs you are facing?
We want to make this theme the best that there is and your feedback is highly appciaited.