How do you own a website?

Hello, how do you own a website from colorlib, while not displaying the copyrights and licensing everything yourself. Its not to sell items or to make profit off the website like products. Its a portfolio website, showing my work. I want to know what options i have. Thank you

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Have you tried this page: Licence - Colorlib
I think single license is enough for you


Can a person show it for a job interview as well? so i can type copyright from my name instead? Thanks

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Yes, you can :slight_smile:


Perfect, then i will use the source code and purchase the website, and recreate it for my own needs, with my dev JohnnyDev. Thanks once again.

Well, have a great time in development :slight_smile:

One last question, i have to re license it if i purchased it?

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What do you mean by Relicense?

If i purchased the website, and im making my copyrights under my name, with the changes im changing, do i need to license the webpage? or am i suppose to write its license by CC 3.0?

I will be honest I still can’t get it, you are calling things differently (we are not selling websites) and making a very easy topic very difficult, we have a license page and everything is very clearly described here, just follow it.
I really cant answer on any other case scenarios :slight_smile:


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Whats so hard to get? you are providing the source code, and i will be making changes, including the copyrights. If i purchased your license i will not represent colorlib, only the license which is CC 3.0.

When i purchase the license why do you guys not have any documentations, that the website template is mine? but of course the webpage will be changed, it will not look exactly the same i will be changing the copyrights thats what the permission is for? when you purchase the license…What permissions do you get for license? yeah its not that clear with the short descriptions you have on the single template. no disrespect

Really is no any other case scenarios, i am trying to figure out what i can do with the template if you are selling the rights to it.

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So colorlib is considered the Arthor, im guessing i can change that and write its licensed by CC 3.0. From what i read, i can change the arthor to Johnny Dev? Its best to get the correct information first, so i dont feel unsure. :slight_smile: thanks once again for your time


To be honest, im also not clear with the details, what I know is that if you buy a template you can remove the credit, if you want to edit and sell them again under your name I don’t how it works, you need to contact in this case to a different person who can provide a better answer than me.
Use the contact form on our main website


No im not selling anything, just representing my work as a portfolio page, so yeah i want to remove the credit thats all, last question instead of the free templates, the ones that are for sell comes with the source code?

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Ok, but why so many questions if you just want to represent your work? :smiley:

It’s an HTML template, they come as is. They are source codes itself