How may I insert something right above the title of a post

Hello Sir,

I need your help. I wanted to put a progress bar just above the title of a post. I know that I probably need to post the code of my plugin into the sigle.php. I already did that, but unfortunately the progress bar was either in the header or somewhere in the footer, where it shouldn’t be. To give you a better overview, I post the following links of a side of mine where I did it successfully:

I basically want the progress bar to be included in the same way with the travelify theme.

I would appreciate your help on that!

Thank you so much in advance

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Single.php is just a placeholder for actual blog loops that you can find in content-extensions.php. There are several loops and you should choose one that you are using your your blog. Those function names are self explanatory and you shouldn’t have any issues with it.