How to add a "back" button to the post list.

Hi there,

I’m wondering how best to add a “back” button to the post lists.

I have a main page, in which people can click through to certain posts, and I’d like each post to have, in the:
<div class=“entry-meta-bar clearfix”> div, next to the
“Read more” buttonlink,
a similar looking button that the users can use to navigate back to the previous page(instead of having to use the browser back button)

I think that I’d just have to add in another link doing something like this:

<a href="history.go(-1)">Go Back</a>

But which in which file is the article post generated, ie where should I put the change?

Thanks for your time.

I realize this is not really in the bounds of supporting your theme, more like changing it!! :slight_smile: But the back button idea might be useful for other people using the theme in future.

Thanks again.

Everything you need you can find on file called content-extensions.php which is located in theme folder - library - structure. There are all main functions and loops related to content display. Index page, blog pages, single posts etc.

This file can’t be accessed via WordPress dashboard and you should use FTP.