How to add a Footer Widget

How do I activate a widget for the Footer area? I would like to add coding for an Instagram Gallery Feed in that area.

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Good morning Patty

Widgets can be found in WordPress menu appearance > widgets and from there you can utilize them,

I know how Widgets work. I’m talking about Widgets for the FOOTER.

Right now I only see widgets available for the SIDEBAR area. Does this Theme allow widgets in the footer?

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Sorry for the misunderstanding, if I’m not wrong you cant use widgets in the footer, we have the same on our demo:

I think you are still misunderstanding. The demo link you sent does not show me anything in the Footer area. Only on the sidebar. The footer is the area at the very bottom of the webpage.

Good evening Resistthemundane

I truly understand you :frowning: what I wanted to say is that widgets in the footer are not available and we have the same setup on our demo that’s what I wanted to show you

I see. That’s too bad. Okay, thanks.

Sorry about that, try to search for third party plugin they may allow you to populate the footer widgets

I will close this case now, feel free to open new tickets anytime