How to add a slider?

How can i add images to the slider?
How can i add the slider to the Homepage?

I can only see “Activello Options -> Slider Option”,checked “show slider”. Dont understand wich categories are related to the slider by the option to show the categories. Product categories with pictures didnt appear, cant make the slider to appear on the homepage. Didnt see a plugin for it.

OK, i got it by myself.
Sorry, couldnt open the Documentation, figured it out by another theme documentation.

So, you just need to add a new post as a picture.

Thank you for the free themes, they are all good!

Hi, mankidraiv.

I still couldn’t configure the slider in my website.
Could someone explain to me how to configure the slider step-by-step?

Thank you in advance


Dont understand what exactly the problem is.

Mine was that i didnt know that you add the slider (the pictures) by adding a new post, form set as picture, uploaded in the right last link “featured image”,save.

Of course, before that, you must activate it in appearance-second sub link(edit or adjust, doont know how is it in english) find somewhere the slider option and just mark or check yes, show the slider,save.
Not a science. Me as a noob have to explain this simple thing.

I must be way more of a noob than you because I still can’t figure this out! I’m trying so hard to get my page to look like the demo, but I’m struggling pretty bad! Can you please help me?

If you have followed all the instructions,there should be a slider like in the demo, but ive chosed to use the unite theme because the navigation bar is in the corner by activello,in the dazzling theme i could not add a slider for no reason,there must be some…

Just install a new plugin by add a new and than search “smart slider”

install,activate…go to the plugin,add,set up the all the settings that you want,and could never find in any other slider. You can even set to full width as in activello in the slider settings in the category size.

Copy the link from the slider to the page.
Add just a new page, go to appearance-customize and than the last link(category) ,set the page as a homepage.

If you cant still not do it, than iam a way more explaning noob.


I still couldn’t figure this out. There’s no format option as “picture” when I add a post. The only formats available are “default”, “video” and “audio”.

Do I have to enable something first so I can add the posts as pictures?


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I hope you are well today and thank you for your questions.

You can enable the slider on your site as described in the following reply.

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