How to add extra text in the footer area on the right side?

Hello Aigars

I would like to add some text in the footer on the same line as the copyright is but text should be aligned to the right.
Do you have a hint where I have to insert which code?
Thanks you.

  1. First you will have to create a new Child Theme if you haven’t already. There you will need to place a blank style.css linked to the original style.css. But this is basic Child Theme Setup that you can follow here:

  2. Now create a blank functions.php file and add the following line code snippet from Github

add_action( 'travelify_footer', 'travelify_footer_rightinfo', 30 );
 * add content to the right side of footer
function travelify_footer_rightinfo() {         
   $output = '<div class="footer-right">Your footer text on right side goes here</div>';
   echo do_shortcode( $output );

The reason for creating a Child Theme is because you will be able to get theme updates without losing customizations done in theme.

Hello Algars,

I have created the child theme and when i activated it, i discovered the copyright info in the parent theme is still displaying in the footer. what should i do next?

This will display additional text in footer on the right side ot if instead of remove the current info.