How to add links in footer for Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions?


I am trying to add two links in my footer for the privacy policy and terms and conditions, but it seems that I can only change the one item in my footer. Can you help me to add those two links? I was thinking the best way would be to make them each their own page, and then link to the page, but any help would be so appreciated! Thanks

You can use a HTML inside Appearance >> Customize >> Travelify Footer.

Here is an example that you could use:

Read our <a href="">Privacy Policy</a> and <a href="">Terms and Conditions</a>

As a result you will get a nicely formatted URLs that will point to those two pages. You can add as much text/HTML in that field as you want.

Let me know if this helps.


I use the ILLDY theme for

I copied the code above and adding my link to terms and conditions, however, the link leads to an error. Is something wrong with my code?

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Hello @Maika,

I hope you are doing well today.

You may need to check the link that you are using to ensure it has no errors and because you are using the Illdy theme, it would be best to open this issue in the Illdy forum.

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