How to add sliedes with Meta Slider

your theme is really nice. I would like to change only one thing - slider.
I want to add Meta Slider in place marked with yellow. I have this plug on my Word Press but I don’t know where to copy, let’s say, descrioption of this slider: [metaslider id=390]

you can’t use that kind of tags outside of posts, i would reccomend you to use the built in slider, simply add a “slider highlight” category or something like that and set up the slider by opening the customization on wordpress, going to dazzling > slider and selecting the category that you created :smiley:

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As @chkoupinator stated before, using the builtin slider function would be very useful here. Please have a look at the following documentation explaining how to set up the slider:

The slider set up information is at number 5.

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