How To Add The Same Coupon Section On My WordPress Blog?

Hey Colorlib Support Team,

I recently started a Coupons blog on WordPress but now I’d like to add a Show Coupon section in my own WordPress blog like this has added to its post. Kindly do check its coupons section and let me know how can I add such coupons section either by Installing a Plugin or hiring a developer to make such option in my WordPress blog so I can post coupons in such style.

add coupons

Thanks in Advance!

Hey there

coupons were created on the page by using coupon lite plugin:

you can also search for other third-party plugins

Thank You So Much Noda!

It’s really the same plugin used on that blog.

Now I’d like to add the same table on my blog post. Plz check here: What plugin can I use for this table creating?


tablepress plugin was used for this table