How to add three tiers to a menu

When I want to add another “tier” to our menu, it does not appear on the live site.
For example, I want to create a menu path from Department Resources > Marketing > various marketing page options.
Any idea how to do this? Or any other option, like creating an additional menu for individual pages?

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To accomplish this, simply drag and hold the the menu item and align them accordingly as seen in the screenshot attached.
Level 1
→ Level 2
→ Level 3

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I have it set up like that already, it’s just not showing the third tier on the live site.
It’s almost as if it does not register that a third menu tier is present, it is only showing tier one and two.
For example in the attached, “Project wins, project pursuits” do not show in the drop down menu on the live site.

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This is a strange one.
Kindly provide me with the URL to your website so I can look into the issue for you.


  • Have you made any modifications to the theme?
  • Have you updated the theme or your WordPress recently
  • Has this always been the issue.

Also please execute the following troubleshooting steps:

  • I’m going to ask you to deactivate any third party plugins you my have activated and check to see if this fixes the issue.

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I have not made any modifications to the theme.
Both the theme and WordPress are currently up to date.
This has always been an issue.

All widgets and third party plug-ins are currently deactivated.


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Thank you for providing that information.

I tried the link but its asking me for login credentials.
Can you please remove the lock or provide login credentials in a private reply.

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You can access using my login

Username: jmaheu
password: temppass

Thanks for your help!!

This is a known issue which will be resolved in the future version of theme ASAP.

In the meanwhile you can resolve it by using attached child theme of Sparkling theme that contains some custom code.

Thanks so much! This fixed the issue.

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