How to adjust padding when max-widht is 100%

Hello Colorlib Heroes !

I’ve this code to set my parallax images (frontpage AND pages) to 100% width and it’s good :slight_smile:

/affichage large/
#main, #main .container {
max-width: 100%;
width: 100%;
padding: 10;
#main .home-box {
padding: 0;
#main .entry-content {
padding: 0;

But unfortunatly, the content of pages (blocks) are 100% stretched too and it’s not very esthetical :frowning:

when I reduce the max-widht uner 100% I loose the 100% screening of parallax pictures.

THEN : is it possible to set a real padding or another % for blocks widht ?

Really thanks you !

Hey there

Thanks for contacting us, please provide direct link to the page and I will check it :slight_smile:


Sorry, I forgot the link !
here the parallax is fine but the rest is stretched 100% width
same on this page

Thanks in advance :wink:

Hi there

hm… you need to remove the previous code, it’s affecting the entire layout of the website, please tell me what is your problem and why you wanted that code?


Hello Colorlib Hero !
I’ve deleted the code.

My need is to have on the website pages parallax pictures screening 100% width.
This last code make the job but everything was 100% width (blocks etc…) and then not esthetical.

Can you help me to make only the pictures with parallax 100% width ?

Thanks again

Hi Beko

Sorry, I tried many things but there is no way to keep the parallax section full width while keeping text content not full width :frowning: