How to center all menu items and how to edit footer?

Love the theme. I need some help to fix the menu to be the way I want it.

  1. I want to center the buttons on the nav-bar (have tried some basics but nothing happens)
  2. If I would want to place the menu above the slider instead of having it below, where can I find the code for it?
  3. I would also like to add my own content in the footer but I cant find in wich file to add it

Best Regards

  1. For nav-bar centering. There are no universal solution because there are not enough divs wrapped over menu but you can use the following code for your website.
#main-nav ul li:first-child {
    margin-left: 230px;

You can add it to your Child Theme style.css (if you use one) or add this to Theme Options → Other → Custom CSS.
2. You can try move menu below slider inside header-extensions.php. It might take a bit of coding to get this done. You can find this file in theme folder → library → structure.
3. Footer related code is located in footer-exntesions.php. You can find it in theme folder → library → structure.