How to change blog like in demo


I’m really like this theme and using it almost a month,
then on a main blog pages. I add some blogs but my blogs size, format etc. is not like on your demo.

example my preview image is too big unlike on demo site .
How can I copy like those layout? Also I can I remove those summary text?

My blog link for reference

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You need to have a homepage set up. Please go to Administration > Settings > Reading panel and do the following:

  1. Set Front page displays to a static page
  2. In the drop down menu for Front Page select “Home.”
  3. In the drop down menu for Posts page select “Blog” or the name you created, or leave it blank if you will not feature posts on the site.
    4.Save changes.

When you have done that go to Appearance > Widgets and you can set up the widgets you wan to appear on the homepage.

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Thank you but how about how to remove summary text on blogs ?
I try to use

.entry-content {
display: none;

but it removes everything including title.


You mean on this page?

If so, you’re using some plugin to achive that, try find an option in that plugin to turn off the excerpts, if you didn’t find anything, add this in Appearance -> Customize -> Additional CSS

.bdp_blog_template.timeline .bd-post-content { display: none; }

If not, pass me the blog page URL. :slight_smile:

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