How to change button and menu color

How can I change the yellow on the button and when you hover on the menu?
I already changed the dots color using CSS I found in the forum. Is there some other CSS code I could include to change this? Thanks!

Here is the CSS for the button:

#header .bottom-header .header-button-two {
    background: #f1d204;
#header .bottom-header .header-button-two:hover {
    background: #f1d204;

This is for the menu hover color:

#header .top-header .header-navigation ul li a:hover {
    color: #ffde00;

This should do the trick!



Same question, and thanks for the answer!

How can I make the second button identical to the first? I sort of understand the opacity, but the text color disappears.


Use this CSS solution to make the opacitated button similar to the yellow one:

#header .bottom-header .header-button-one{
    line-height: 63px;
    background: #f1d204;
    border: none;
#header .bottom-header .header-button-one:hover{
    background: rgba(241, 210, 4, 0.9)

This should do the trick


PS: For future reference, please create a dedicated post so you don’t hijack others thread and to make it easier for users that are looking for similar behaviour.

My apologies for that. But I was trying to make the second button (the yellow one) have the opacity look like the first with the whte border. I couldn’t figure it out so I removed it. My website is
Thank you