How to change Button Color

How do I change the red color of the:
Read More button on blog page
Post Comment button on post pages
Next & Previous post buttons on post pages
Any red text on the post page
Search bar in widget–the red color under the magnify glass icon?

Couldn’t find these options to change the color anywhere under Theme Options. New to CSS and changing code. Wanted to change color to match my blog, which I’m still developing. Thanks in advance!

You didn’t look in Theme Options close enough. You should use color pickers available in Theme Options - Main and marked as “Element color” and “Element color on hover”

I want to change the hover color of the CFA button, the text has to be white at the end at (Click here to start for my favorite posts)

This doesnt work :frowning:

.btn .btn-lg .cfa-button a:hoover {
	color: #fff !important;

Thanks in advance!