How to change color of separate menu item in WordPress

Excellent thanks. And I think i have one last question :slight_smile: I am working with a custom menu. I am curious about adding another button to the nav-bar but make that one RED and align it far right and have it say DONATE – Trying to figure where to begin. Thanks

Add your donate button via Menu editor and ten style it properly via Theme Options – Other – CSS.

The basic idea is to get the ID of this menu button and style it properly. I my theme demo it would be something like

#menu-item-1042 {
    margin-left: 20px; /* Add margin from the left. */
    background: red; /* Your color here */

Inspect your website source code to find the exact ID. It will be something like menu-item- with the number at the end

OK so every menu button within a menu has an ID?

Wow, that looks good. It worked. Thanks.