How to change Font on Front Page

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I know I’ve asked this question before but every time I update WordPress or a plugin the homepage font goes back to the original.

I would like to change the front page font where it says: “Stan Sweet Cakes” and everything else on the site to be this font: Poiret One

I also have Google Font Plugin and have made the changes to Poiret One but it does not reflect on the homepage.
I have cleared my cache and uninstalled all the plugins. No changes.


Sorry again to ask about this.
Thank you for your time.

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Kindly add and save the following code to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS:

/*font change to all elements*/
    font-family: Poiret One;

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Thank you so much for the reply.

Unfortunately, I’ve run into another issue. Whenever I got the customize page, everything appears to be blank.

Check out the attached image.

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To rule this out as theme issue, i’m going to ask you to activate a default WordPress theme, such as twenty-seventeen and test to see if the Customizer option still works.

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Switched to Twenty-Seventeen and the Customizer option is working fine. It seems to be the theme.

Hope you can help. I love the theme.

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Thanks for that information.

Please try disabling any third party plugins that you may have active because on of them may be causing a conflict.

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